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You want to build credibility. You want to get more business in the door. Lets help you with that.

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We build premium, conversion-focused websites that boost your credibility and actually bring you more sales.

As a Niagara-based company, we do our best web design, strategy and development work when working with businesses that fully understand how impactful the credibility and overall sales of your website can be. We establish close relationships with our clients, and make sure you succeed on building credibility online, and optimizing your website so it can bring in more quality, and consistent sales.

Discovery > Strategy > Design > Development > Promotion. We help you every step of the way.

Our Process

A look web design process for Niagara & beyond businesses.

1. Discovery

What's holding your business back from growing? What do you expect to get out of web design? Who is your target audience? These are some of the many questions that help with the diagnosis and eventual solution as to how we can help your business grow.

2. Plan

Before we touch a single pixel or a create a single line of code, we need to sit down and strategize a plan of attack. We will go over a few things - the aesthetics of your web design plan that attracts your specific audience, create wireframe sketches, website flowcharts and more.

3. Design

This is the fun part. We will produce a unique web design that powers and infuses your online presence as a whole. Your web design will be engaging, adapt easily to mobile design best practices, and most importantly, it will be aimed at generating much more business than you're currently getting.

4. Develop

Once we have your web design approved and ready to go, it's time to step into the website development phase. Our web designers, as well as website developers will step in and create your high performance website, aimed to rank extremely well in Google's search engine. They will start adding content, uploading media, testing and more.

5. Launch

One of the most important milestones in your project, is launching your new web design project. Our team will triple-check all of the content for any sort of spelling mistakes, make sure all links are working correctly, and lastly, making sure that's it shows up in Google searches.

6. Promote

At Infused, we believe that your web design project has just begun once the site has launched. You may have an amazing web design - but without traffic? It won't do anything for your business. The internet marketing aspect comes into play here and is the utmost important for your business to succeed.

Are you looking to...

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  • Never look for another project?

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