How Can I Generate Website Traffic With $0 Marketing Budget?

One of the biggest questions that we come across from our clients is, "how can I generate <a href="" target="_blank" rel="noreferrer" rel="noopener noreferrer">website traffic</a> with $0 <a href="" target="_blank" rel="noreferrer" rel="noopener noreferrer">marketing budget</a>?"

Well, thankfully, there are a far amount of ways to do this. Depending on the size of your company, you do not have to have a massive marketing budget to generate website traffic. You can start off small (which most companies do), and scale up from there.

<h2>Ways you can generate website traffic with $0 marketing budget</h2>

Lets go over a few of those ways in this post. And by the end of it, write yourself an action plan and start taking action.


Publishing rich, weekly, educational content that relates directly to your niche is an amazing way to get generate website traffic with a $0 marketing budget.

It is very similar to what we do here at Infused. We generate weekly content (for example, our last one was answering a <a href="">question</a> about the cost of a website) that answers questions for our readers. The idea here is to write in-depth articles, at least once a week, that are a minimum of one thousand words.

These blog articles are aimed at answering questions your customers have. It's a pretty simple process. All oyu have to do is brainstorm ideas, or even do <a href="">keyword research</a> to find out certain long-tail keyword questions that your customers are Googling for, and answer those questions in depth.

If your blog articles (your answers) rank highly on Google, then when someone Googles a question related to your business, you'll show up high. Boom. More traffic!

There's a few very important points to add, that will help the SEO-side of your article blogging:

<ul> <li>Make sure each blog post is at least 1,000 words. It's been shown the Google ranks blog articles higher the longer the articles are.</li> <li>The meta title, meta description and title of your article - make sure it's the question that you are answering. This is vey important.</li> <li>Use rich media, like images, videos, podcasts and more throughout your post. This keeps people on your page longer, which is also a factor in how Google ranks web pages. The longer people stay on your site, the higher you are in Google results, and the more website traffic you generate.</li> <li>Make sure to internally link to pages within your site that are relevant, and externally link to websites that are in your niche. This tells Google what your website is about.</li> </ul>

There's a plethora of more on-page <a href="">SEO optimization techniques</a> that we can educate you about. Feel free to give us a shout.

Regardless, those points above will alone make sure that your blog post is in tip-top shape.

<h2>Using social media to generate website traffic</h2>

So, you have made a blog post. Awesome. Now.. how do you generate free traffic to it?

Welcome to social media!

Social media has been a huge game changer for companies. You can now reach a massive audience, as long as you are engaging on your social media platforms.

The key here is to offer value to people when leveraging your social media platforms, and not actively trying to sell anyone on anything. That gets very annoying very quickly.

A good starting strategy is to typically create a educational, valuable blog article that answers a question a user has for you.

Then, head on over to your social media platforms. Be it Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or Youtube. Best if you utilize all of the social media sites that your company has.

But hold on; before you make a blog post, it's best to hire a professional <a href="">web designer</a> to design a web graphic to go along with your post.

This web graphic will make the post much more attractive, more engaging, and more tempting for your customers to click on and read the blog article you have wrote - answering their questions.

Here's some ideas:

<ul> <li>For Youtube, upload a video of a service or product that you over. Make sure you do some <a href="">SEO work</a> on the video's description, so when people search it, they will find it. Once they find the video, post a link to your website in the description. Voila! Free way to generate website traffic.</li> <li>For Instagram and Facebook, after you have written the blog post, have a web designer create a professional graphic to go along with it (as mentioned above), and post away. Make sure you use relevant hash tags to your business and niche, to garner even more people's attention, in the hopes of generating more website traffic.</li> </ul> <h2>Start a podcast - it takes a $0 marketing budget</h2>

Starting a podcast is easy, and free.

Don't know what to talk about? Easy. Write a blog article, then read that article out loud. Record it, upload it send it to the world.

On your podcast profile (a good one to sign up for is SoundCloud), you can have a link back to your website. This is a great way to drive generate traffic back to your site without a marketing budget.

<h2>Guest posting</h2>

What is guest posting?

In a nutshell, guest posting is when you write an article that is not published to your site. Instead, find a website in a relevant niche that your business is in, and email them.

In the email, you ask the website owner if, in exchange for a link back to your site, you can post your blog post on their website.

They get fresh, valuable content posted that's related to their niche, and in exchange you get a link back to your site! A win win.

The value in this is that when someone goes to their site and reads your article, they'll have a link back to your website.

This has a great chance in terms of generating website traffic. Best part is? It costs $0. Takes nothing out of your marketing budget.

<h2>Free Webinar</h2>

Using a free webinar is a great idea to help generate website traffic to your website.

A webinar is essentially setting up a live video feed on your website. You can amp it up and get people excited by advertising about it on your social media pages. So when the day comes, the people that have signed up for your webinar are attending.

The key here, is to make that you tell your followers to also share this with as many people as possible. The more people attending your seminar, the better your value and awareness spreads. And better yet, you'll be able to even make some sales! All with spending $0 on your markeing budget?

The idea behind a webinar is to provide them with pure value. Don't sell. Just provide value. At the end of the video, drop a call-to-action that's focused around how you can help them further.


In conclusion, use blogging to your advantage and use it often. Once you have written an in-depth and educational blog post, use social media platforms and podcasts to promote them, as well as guest posting and free webinars, with links directly back to your website to generate website traffic with a $0 marketing budget.

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