KD Flowers

How we helped a local floral business skyrocket their revenue.


KD Flowers came to us seeking our expertise for two main reason. They wanted a modern website to professionally reflect their brand, and they wanted local customers that were interested in wedding flowers and bridal boutiques, to find them in Google when they searched for those specific terms.


We sat down with KD Flowers and discussed her business vision, goals, design, among other items regarding her new online presence. They wanted a website that was not only modern, but brought in new local customers.


We designed, built and launched KD Flowers' new modern website. We also helped them with ranking locally for keywords in their area, that people Google for.

  • 10,700 website views per month
  • 20,000% increase in new leads in the first 6 months
  • 5,800 new people discovering website per month
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