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  • 20,000% increase in new leads in the first 6 months
  • 10,700 website views per month
  • 5,800 new people discovering website per month

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As a small business in St. Catharines, Niagara ourselves, we understand that your small business in Niagara or St. Catharines cannot fork out upfront thousands of dollars for an SEO or digital marketing campaign. That's why we offer local and affordable Niagara & St. Catharines SEO solutions to fit your small business budget. Our SEO campaigns follow the best modern practices, which helps bring in more local Niagara or St. Catharines leads near you and revenue through your SEO campaign.

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Bespoke SEO keyword search wil be done to ensure your SEO campaign drives results



We make sure that your SEO campaign is optimized for best results for your Niagara company.



We know what it takes to have your website's SEO rank on the first page of Google.

What Makes A Good SEO Campaign?

Does your current SEO not bring in new Niagara or St. Catharines leads? Sometimes SEO problems are obvious like when SEO on a website is not optimized if the SEO simply doesn't exist on a website. Other times, a closer inspection into your SEO is required in order to identify issues. Most issues relating to any Niagara or St. Catharines SEO can be boiled down to SEO that isn't optimized, SEO that's done improperly or SEO that simply doesn't exist.

SEO Company in St. Catharines, Niagara

Your Niagara or St. Catharines SEO acts as the main inbound marketing strategy for new leads on the internet. The fact that your SEO on your website is the first stop to any new customers is absolutely vital to your business, in terms of gaining new revenue from your SEO. This means that you need the best SEO company in Niagara & St. Catharines to deliver great SEO results to your business. Infused makes sure that we do a custom-tailored SEO job right from the start, to ensure your SEO is a success. Not only do we follow modern SEO best practices for your business, we're the only SEO company in St. Catharines and Niagara that offers monthly SEO packages to help alleviate any financial strain.

What Type of SEO Do You Need?

Whether you want to update the SEO of your current website or to completely start your SEO from scratch, we can do it all. We strive to create a quality SEO campaigns that help bring in new Niagara or St. Catharines clients to your business. You will have a highly professional and skilled SEO who can answer any SEO questions you may have when it comes to your new Niagara or St. Catharines SEO prject.For SEO, call on our trusted professionals. We're here to assess your current SEO and provide our own SEO solutions to help your Niagara or St. Catharines company.

Our happy Niagara & St. Catharines clients

"Fantastic experience from start to end. JD is organized, thorough and professional. I highly recommend his company if you are thinking of needing his Niagara or St. Catharines web design services."

Harry Althorpe, TreeReports

"Great Job, WELL DONE. I'm very pleased with the web design of my new web site. If you ever need a new web design for your Niagara or St. Catharines business I do recommend Infused Agency for their services. JD keep up the great work. Thank you."

Mr. Duarte, Cass-A-Bella Construction

"Amazing experience, really helped to elevate my business and I would highly recommend working with them for all of your Niagara web design needs!!"

Lauren Emberson, Lauren Emberson Photography

Niagara SEO Common Questions & FAQ

How will I know if my SEO needs updating?

The biggest factor when it comes to deciding if your website needs new SEO, is if it's achieving your business goal. For example - if you own a local business, is your SEO bringing you new Niagara or St. Catharines clients? If not, it may be time for a new SEO that does so. Another example - if you own a local e-commerce website store, is your SEO bringing you more local sales in the Niagara or St. Catharines area? If not, it's time for a new SEO.

Will adjusting my current SEO be sufficient?

Comparing an old SEO project to a new SEO project is a lot like a car; can you put a Porsche engine inside of a Ford Tempo and make it perform like a Porsche? Probably not. While you can certainly make small updates here and there to a current SEO, it's much more effective if you had an all-around modern SEO to be implemented. It's much more effective in terms of bringing in local leads if you're a company in the St. Catharines, Niagara region.

What questions should I ask my SEO?

As a business owner, there are several key questions you want to ask your SEO. For example, does your current website's SEO include SEO (search engine optimization - the ability to rank on the first of Google for the Niagara or St. Catharines area)? How long does the entire SEO process take? Are they outsourcing the SEO or keeping the SEO in-house? These are all very important questions and it's equally important to weigh out the answers.

What should I expect during a new SEO project?

At Infused Agency, we want you to have the best possible experience when it comes to investing in a new SEO project for your Niagara or St. Catharines company. You should expect to work closely with the company themselves and for the SEO work to especially not be outsourced overseas (everything we do is in-house).

About Niagara

The Regional Municipality of Niagara in Southern Ontario, Canada, lies on the west side of the Niagara River, between lakes Ontario and Erie. The Canadian section of Niagara Falls, including the dramatic Horseshoe Falls, is its most famous feature.

  • Area: 1,854km²
  • Population: 447,888

Top sights in Niagara:

Niagara Falls, Journey Behind The Falls, Skylon Tower

What is Niagara in Canada?

Niagara Falls is a city in Ontario. It's near the west bank of the Niagara River in the Golden Horseshoe region of Southern Ontario.

What is Niagara known for?

Niagara is known for having one of the most famous waterfalls in the entire world. It's been a popular tourist attraction for over 200 years, and it's also a major source of electric power for the surrounding region.

Is Niagara dangerous?

Even though Niagara has the falls and it's beautiful, Niagara itself actually is not a very safe place. 91% of cities are safer than Niagara, but 9% of cities are more dangerous than the region.

What is the best time of year to go to Niagara?

The best time to visit Niagara FAlls is between the months of June and August. Summer is the best time to go because the mist coming off of Niagara falls can make the area feel much cooler.

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