Best SEO Keywords for Carpenters

best seo keywords for carpenters

A big part in finding the best SEO keywords for carpenters comes down to a couple things:

  • What are your customers searching for, in terms of your carpenters?
  • What city are you located in?

Since local search engine optimization is going to be so huge for you as an carpenter (since you offer a local service), it's super important to build an SEO keyword digital strategy for your business.

The entire point of SEO is inbound marketing - that is, to bring clients that are looking for what you offer, directly to you. SEO for carpenters works so well because even when times are tough - recessions, slow times - it doesn't matter. You're tapping into a market that's outside of your network (people you don't know), who are looking for exactly what you offer.

Some of the best keywords for carpenters are:

  • "your city + carpenter"
  • "your city + carpenter company"
  • "your city + trim carpenters"
  • "your city + rough carpentry"
  • "carpenter near me"
  • "best carpenter company + your city" or "best carpenter + your city"

Lets go a bit indepth below and understand why those are the best keywords for your carpenter.

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So.. what are the best SEO keywords for carpenters?

In this short post, we'll go through some SEO keyword ideas that are the best to use for carpenters.

"City + carpenter"

You'll notice a pattern as we go through these keywords.

Since most Carpenters deal with clients locally, you will want to target local people that are searching for your services.

If you're in Toronto, you want to show up when someone searches "Toronto carpenter" or "Toronto carpenter company".

If you're in Los Angeles, "carpenters LA" or "Los Angeles carpenters".

These are a bit harder to rank for, because they're such generic terms. Not to mention, since every other carpenter or carpenters firm is using SEO to try and rank for that keyword, it's super competitive.

Which leads us to something called a long-tail keyword.

"City + carpenter company"

Long tail keywords are usually phrases of four or more words.

These are so much easier to rank for in Google because they're longer phrases, therefore they're less competitive in nature.

Below, we'll dive even deeper or go into what's known as "buyer's intent" when it comes to searching.

"City + trim carpenters"

Here, people Google not only for a carptener within their city.. but a specific type of carpenter. A trim carpenter. See how much more specific, and with that more intention of buying this phrase entails?

It's been proven that the more specific that a search term is, the more intent there is for a person to buy.

"City + rough carpentry company"

You can see the same sort of effect being played out above.

I'm in Toronto (City) looking to get rough carpenters work done (carpenters) and looking for a company (carpenter firm) to do it.

The more specific the search, the more ready-to-buy your customers are.

"Carpenter near me" or "carpenter company near me"

This one is a bit funny.

A lot of people surprisingly use this search term. It's pretty difficult to rank for - but if you can, you're tapping into a fairly large market of people using SEO to search for what you offer.

"Best carpenters + city" or "best carpenter company + city"

Not only is there intent in this search, but you know they're not tire kickers.

When someone uses words like "Best", you know that they know that with that, comes money to spend. Which is great for you. In conclusion, these are some of the best SEO keywords for Carpenters.

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