What are the steps involved for doing SEO for a new website?

There's a few steps involved for doing SEO for a new website. Some of those steps involving SEO at the time of this post are definitely different than 20 years ago - however some remain the same.

  • SEO keyword research for website optimization
  • Local website SEO
  • Fresh, unique website content for SEO
  • Backlinks from other websites to help your SEO
  • Fast website speed for SEO

Some of these steps involved for doing website SEO do hold slightly bit more weight than others. However for ranking any website in Google, there are about 200 ranking factors involved for doing SEO for not just your website, but any new website.

The steps involving SEO for your website can be easy (some of them, at least) - but other SEO strategies are incredibly difficult.

So.. what are the steps involved for doing SEO for a new website?

In this short post, we'll go through what the steps involved are for doing SEO for a new website.

Steps Involved #1 - SEO keyword research for your new website

One of the biggest steps involved doing SEO for a new website, and arguably the most important is keyword research.

The very first thing you want to do for a new website when it comes to SEO is research the keywords that people are finding your business for.

For example - if you're a local business, you'll find that a lot of people search 'your location + service' for what they're after.

For a non-local business, they may search for something very specific like "mens sports shoes size 10".

The idea here is that you want to take this step very seriously. You want to involve as much time as you can to researching SEO keywords for what people are trying to find you for.

Steps Involved #2 - local SEO for your new website

Doing local SEO for a local business is an absolute must.

As mentioned above, people these days - especially for a local service - take the first step in their search by going to Google.

It's the biggest step involved in people finding your business - doing local SEO.

Getting your website on the Google Maps Pack, getting your new website higher up on Google Search for local terms.. these are all extremely important steps involved for doing SEO for a new website.

Steps Involved #3 - fresh, unique, new & SEO'd website content

This next step involved is also super important.

Having fresh, unique and new SEO content for a new website is extremely important when it comes to doing SEO.

Google loves and favors websites with unique, fresh content. It doesn't reward SEO points to websites that are stale, it's that simple.

Aside from SEO backlinks, the step involving constant fresh, unique SEO content is probably the biggest step when it comes to ranking a new website well in Google.

Steps Involved #4 - SEO backlinks from other website to help yours

What's a backlink when it comes to SEO?

A backlink is simple - when another website puts on a link to your website, from their website.

The reason why this is good for any new website is because Google looks at these SEO backlinks like popular votes. The more and higher value SEO backlinks you get to your website, the higher it ranks in Google.

This is probably the most involved step when it comes to SEO for a new website, but definitely the most important one.

Steps Involved #5 - fast website speed for to help with SEO

The last step involved for doing SEO on a new website is making sure your website is very fast.

Google likes fast websites. They like fast websites because it means that you are giving your users a good website experience.

The faster the website, the better the SEO. Our website is extremely fast which is why we rank in Google for multiple keywords.

Having a fast website is one of the final steps involved when it comes to doing SEO for a new website.

Final thoughts on what are the steps involved for doing SEO for a new website

Doing SEO keyword research, local SEO, having fresh content, getting SEO backlinks and having a fast website are some of the steps involved for doing SEO for a new website.

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