New Website Launched - Infused Agency

We have some exciting news! As we're going into 2021, we've decided to completely re-vamp our website using a modern website framework.

Why We Re-Designed Our Website

The reason is simple - to design-wise and technologically-wise, keep up with the times.

Most website design agencies within Niagara or Ontario tend to build out their own websites or client websites with a platform called WordPress. There's nothing inherently wrong with WordPress - in fact in some cases, it fits the bill perfectly for the job at hand.

However in our case, in our client's cases, 99% of the time they want a website that fulfills the following:

  • Great design
  • Lightning fast
  • Ranks well in Google

So let's explore these three areas briefly.

Great Design

Having a great website design for your Niagara business is paramount if you care about trust, credibility, reputation and getting more revenue through your website.

When your customers land on your website, if it's old - outdated - not easy-to-use, guess what they'll do?

They'll go somewhere else.

And guess where that somewhere else is?

To your competitors!

They key to not only attracting but keeping people engaged in your brand online, is having a great web design that reflects your business in a positive light. You want to wow your potential customers - to not have them leave and go to your competitors, which is a big reason as to why we re-designed our website to be modern, sleek, and fast.

Speaking of fast..

Lightning Fast

If you haven't noticed, our website is lightning fast. On desktop computers, our website scores a 98/100 for page speed.

There's two reasons why we re-built our website on a platform that allows the site to be blazingly fast from page to page:

  1. Our potential customers don't wait for pages to load
  2. Helps with Google Rankings

As people having increasingly less patience as time goes on, you (and us both!) need to make sure our websites are very quick. Not only quick to load, but quick to go from page to page.

If you have a slow website, what happens? Well, users get frustrated and they'll probably go somewhere else.

What happens if you have a fast website? Simple - users love it! Having a website that loads fast and is very quick navigating from page to page leaves people happy. And when people are happy, they very well may do business with you.

Ranks Well in Google

One of Google's ranking factors for any website is how fast your website's page speed is.

If you have a website that's very fast, compared to one of more of your competitor's websites that are very slow, guess who's ranking higher in Google?


The platform that we've built not only our own website on, but our client's websites as well is not only modern but also tends to rank very well in Google.

The reason for this is that the website platform is very fast, which ranks high scores in Google's Page Speed test.

Another reason is that the website is built with clean code. It's not built with a theme or template. Semantically coded websites will always rank higher in Google over those using templates (like WordPress, Wix or Squarespace).

Need a website that's well-designed, is lightning fast and ranks well in Google? Contact us today for a free quote!

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