How To Successfully Gain More Leads Through Your Website

One of the main pain points with a lot of my clients before coming to me, is that their online presence is not doing anything for them. Sure - having an online presence is important,<!--more--> but simply having a <a href="">website</a> online, in most cases, doesn't do anything for any company.

"But I have a Wix / Weebly / Squarespace / any other do-it-yourself website builder, that's enough for me!"

Throwing up a template and calling it a day, without a strategic design or user flow will not convert any users into actual paying customers. Not to mention, these do-it-yourself-website builders will not help you successfully gain more leads through your website. In fact, it's been shown that since Google knows these websites are not built by a human and generated by templates (Google is that smart). Google actually penalizes websites because of this.

So, what does work?

Lets go through a couple ways on how to successfully gain more leads through your website.

<h2>A Clear-Cut User Flow and Call To Actions</h2>

Lets define a couple things here.

What is a User Flow?

It's guiding the user through a specific journey wherein there's a specific end goal.

On an e-commerce site, it would be selling a product (or a certain set of products).

On a brochure site, it's getting them to either pick up the phone and call you, or email you.

Having a strong User Flow is absolutely essential in converting users to paying customers.

What is a call-to-action?

It's making the user perform an action that gets them to your end goal, as a business owner.

The great thing about having a custom website design made for you is that the sky is the limit. There are rarely any constraints in terms of what you can and cannot do in your website design. Having clear-cut user flows and strategically placed call to actions will greatly increase your chances of generating leads.

For example - right when the user hits your website, you have about 2 seconds to grab their attention. A strong head line, guiding them to a bold call to action (a button with strong copy text) will force users to make a decision. This is the beginning to a strong foundation of User Flow and call-to-actions.

<h2>Marketing Your Website</h2>

Having a custom website design that contains a strong User Flow and call-to-actions is absolutely great.

But, like a YouTube video - what's the point of having it online if no one is going to view it?

This is where marketing your website comes in.

There's a few ways of doing this:

<ul> <li>PPC (Pay-Per-Click)</li> <li>SEO (Search Engine Optimization)</li> <li>Facebook marketing</li> <li>Instagram marketing</li> <li>Twitter marketing</li> </ul>

Pay-Per-Click is when you advertise your website through Google (these are the little Ads at the top of any Google search). More often than not, this does not work as people generally don't click on these.

SEO is where the bread and butter is. Organically ranking your website highly in Google takes months (if not years to do, depending on the competition), but it is by far the best way to get the most traffic to your site. If you have a website that lands in the top 3 searches of a keyword phrase, you're gold!

Social media marketing can also be very successful. It takes a lot of research - but when done properly, it has amazing results.

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