How do I make my website more user friendly?

One of the most important characteristics of a good website is making sure you improve user experience for your customers. This is directly tied to trust, credibility and most importantly, boosting sales.

On a very high level, there are a few ways on how to improve user experience on your website. You want to do this because improving your user experience will help improve conversions on your website. Which, as stated above, leads directly to more revenue for your business.

In today's post, we answer the question, "how do I make my website more user friendly?".

Below are the main points we'll answer in this post:

  • Ask customers what they want to see
  • Increase the speed of your website
  • Improve your website's accessibility
  • Content, content, content
  • Modern, clean web design

How do I make my website more user friendly?

Without further ado, lets get into it. Let's answer the question, "how do I make my website more user friendly?".

1. Ask customers what they want to see

We think this is a big miss that's really easy to pass over. It's even easier to ask your users either in person, or through a survey, what exactly they want to see on your site. When you get your actual users or customers to tell you exactly what they want from your site, this becomes so much easier to map our your website, in terms of which page should do what.

Solely doing this will not only improve user experience on your website, it will improve user experience for customers that are going to your website in the first place.

Another great way on how to improve user experience on your website, is to run your website through an online tool where real people test out your website. An example of this is using a tool like UserTesting, which like stated above, gets real people to go through your site. This would give you invaluable information as to what your users like, what they don't like, and overall this would help improve user experience and conversions.

2. Increase the speed of your website

Ever went to a website on your phone, tablet or computer and it takes forever to load?

How many times has a website taken way too long to load, and you just immediately leave it to go somewhere else?

If your website is slow, this is exactly what your users are doing as well. You absolutely need to make sure your website is as fast as possible in order to improve user experience for customers that come to your website. In fact, according to this study, 53% of mobile users leave a website if it takes 3 seconds or more to load. Do you know how many people use your website on their mobile device? A lot.

Increasing the speed of your website is considered the highest of priorities when it comes to website user experience best practices, as well as one the best characteristics of a good website.

A couple tools that will help your audit your website speed, and also make suggestions for your based on your website, are Google Page Speed Insights, and Web.Dev.

3. Improve your website's accessibility

Improving your website's accessibility has become a very, very popular topic at the time of this post. In Ontario, Canada, it's against the law for a 50+ person company's website to not pass AA AODA compliance. Fines are up to ten thousand dollars per day if your site is not accessible.

Why is accessibility important for the user experience of your website?

It's important because there are people using the internet that have certain disabilities present. For example, they may not be able to use a mouse and can only navigate a website with a keyboard. Others cannot see, therefore they have a screen-reader present reading off the words to them from your website.

Google even created a tool for websites called Lighthouse, which judges your website based on your accessibility score. Google and other tech giants have realized that improve user experience for customers, company owners have to make their website accessible to not just the majority of people, but people with disabilities as well.

4. Content, content, content

Content is king. One of the biggest reasons why people stay on a website for a long time is because the content provided by the website is educational, informative and overall excellent.

One of the best characteristics of a good website is having a load of excellent content on it. Think about it - if you were searching for something online, and you found your answer on a person's website, that's awesome. You've educated that person. However.. Imagine if that person found even more relevant, educational content on your website. They would be hooked!

And that's what you want. The more hooked a user is, the higher chance that they will become a client or paying customer of yours.

Another reason why having a lot of educational content on your website is beneficial, is that you become an authority in your industry. Once people recognize you as an authority, the chances of improving user experience and conversions sky-rocket.

Having lots of amazing and educational content is one of the best ways on how to improve user experience on a website.

5. Easy-to-use navigation

Imagine going to a website and you just wanted a simple piece of information. You navigate the site, it's all messy and cluttered.. you get frustrated, and you leave to go elsewhere.

Now imagine that same website, that's navigation was incredibly easy to use, the navigation items were clear-cut, and you received what you came there looking for immediately.

Which user experience were you happiest with?

It's the same for your website. Another low hanging fruit for improving user experience for customers is having an easy-to-use website navigation setup. You want to make things super easy for your users, and one of the best practices of a website user experience is having a navigation that does exactly that.

6. Modern, clean web design

There's nothing worse for any user than coming to a website, and them getting the feeling that it's sketchy or unprofessional. We've seen countless websites where the web design is super outdated. This not only creates a terrible first impression for your customers, but typically out of date web designs have really bad user experience.

One of the best things you can do in terms of improving user experience and conversions on your website, is to invest in a professional and modern website design.

A design that is modern, clean with clear-cut call to actions will improve user experience for customers ten-fold.

Concluding our answer to "how do I make my website more user friendly"

There you have it. Some of the best ways to improve user experience for customers is to ask what the customers want to see, increasing the speed of your website, improve your website accessibility, pack your website with educational content, create an easy-to-use navigation and provide a modern, clean web design.

These are the fundamentals on how to improve the user experience on your website.

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