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While working full time for a hamilton web design company, we approached HollyOaks as we noticed that there was a seemingly glaring problem that his current website had. The website had a very outdated design and it wasn't mobile-friendly. On top of that, the page speed was slow and it wasn't easy for users to find what they were looking for without getting overwhelmed.

Here's their old website below:

ho website


We sat down with HollyOaks and educated them on the reasons why having a modern design builds credibility and trust to not only their current clients, but new clients that find his site as well. From there, we worked with alongside them perfecting their new website design. Their new website features a design that is clean, engaging, and most of all, easy to navigate. It's also mobile-friendly, so new potential clients can browse the site easily.

Here's their new website below:

ho new website


With their new website up and running, after a few months of SEO efforts, they rank #1 in multiple cities for multiple keywords on Google. This helps them bring in more clientele without having to spend money on advertising.

Here's a screenshot below :

ho results

Disclaimer: I had worked full time at a web design and digital marketing company, contributing to the design and build of this website. The design and code belongs to that company, not mine.

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