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Niagara & St. Catharines E-Commerce Web Design & Development

E-Commerce Website Development Niagara, St. Catharines E-Commerce Web Design

Our Niagara e-commerce website development & design experts are skilled at building out local e-commerce websites. There are many advantages to having your own e-commerce website developed by our St. Catharines e-commerce web design experts:

  • Much lower cost to setup an e-commerce website versus a physical location.
  • Your e-commerce web design is able to reach the masses.
  • Ease of product management when it comes to your e-commerce website.
  • There's no need to invest in a physical warehouse when your e-commerce website does it for you.

The ability to increase your company's revenue with having an online e-commerce website developed is great for your brand. It gives your brand more exposure and also brings more revenue in the door.

What's the cost for Niagara e-commerce website development services?

Like any website, the cost can wildly vary. This depends on a lot of factors for your Niagara e-commerce website development project. How many products will you have? Is it a product-based or digital download-based e-commerce website development project? Are you shipping overseas or staying within Niagara / St. Catharines? Do you need a POS e-commerce integration? All of these variables can affect the cost of your e-commerce web design and development project.

Can your developers train us on how to add, edit and delete products?

Yes. Our Niagara e-commerce website developers are personable and very skilled when it comes to training our clients on how to use their e-commerce websites.

What platform do you use for e-commerce websites?

We use WordPress when it comes to e-commerce web design and development. It comes packed with feature-rich e-commerce plugins, which helps speed things up for our e-commerce website developers.

What do you need from us to get started?

Getting your e-commerce website content upfront would help our e-commerce developers tremendously. Some of the things we would need upfront for your e-commerce website development project would be:

  • E-commerce company logo
  • All e-commerce product details - things like product titles, images, descriptions, pricing, etc.
  • Any shipping charges you'd like customers to pay.

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