Why WordPress Is Better Than Wix

You may have seen some recent commercials about a website builder, called Wix. We’ve actually seen a lot of these types of ads online for Wix, not just on TV.

You’ve probably also heard of the extremely popular web builder platform called WordPress. Both are pretty simple to use, but one of them is (arguably) a better platform.

That platform, being WordPress.

There’s a few reasons why WordPress is better than Wix – at least, in our opinion.

So..Why WordPress Is Better Than Wix?

The templates, plugins, SEO and more are simply better and easier to use over Wix. Lets explore..

Using WordPress and Wix Templates

wordpress and wix template


To date, there are over 3000 themes within the WordPress theme directory itself. Many of these themes, even though built be professional designers and developers alike, are completely free for you to use. On the other hand, there are many flexible premium themes available that are very easy for a developer, or even a non-developer could use to put together a WordPress website. These themes vary from $20 Р$100 USD. You can use the handy WordPress builders such as Visual Composer to build out your web pages with ease. They even have themes that are tailored exactly to your niche.

The best part of it is, that a lot of these themes are built by designers and developers that design and build professionally for a living.

How cool is that?


There are just over 500 HTML templates available from Wix. All of the templates from Wix provided, are completely free.

Here’s the problem: a developer cannot access the HTML or CSS.

What does this mean? Well, lets say you wanted to change a section of the page to a dark blue. You can only do that by editing the website’s file, called CSS. Wix does not allow you access to that.

You’re stuck with not being able to customize your own website. Sounds great, doesn’t it!

Better yet – once you choose a template to use, you’re locked to it. Want to switch to one of the other 500? Too bad.

WordPress Plugins Are Free – Wix Plugins Are Not

wordpress plugins


At this point in time, there are roughly 35,000 plugins available in the WordPress plugin directory. The great part is, that many of the WordPress plugins that professonial developers use, are completely free. Let alone, the plugins that non-technical people use for their own WordPress websites. You can buy some absolutely amazing paid plugins, however in most cases, the free plugins will work just fine. You can add so many different plugins to your WordPress website with either free or paid plugins, which is why it’s so popular – the ability for scale is endless!

Premium plugins add even more features than free plugins do, and the prices range wildly – from a few dollars to a few hundred dollars. Some of these premium plugins require monthly subscriptions as well, depending on the plugin you’d like to use for your WordPress site. Most premium WordPress plugins offer outstanding support, which is amazing as well if you get stuck.


There are just over 200 apps in the Wix app market. There are many different free and paid plugins that can add and extend your Wix website’s functionality. The problem with Wix plugins are, they don’t have the greatest support and they’re not built nearly as well as WordPress plugins are. Not to mention, there’s just over 200 of them – shadowing in WordPress’ near 35,000. That alone goes to show which platform professional designers and developers want to use and work with!

There are many more plugins available to WordPress, the quality of the plugins are better, and the features that WordPress plugins offer compared to Wix are just far beyond.

WordPress SEO – It’s Simply Better

wordpress seo


WordPress SEO has much more flexibility over Wix. When you use Wix SEO environment, it has a single tab labelled “SEO”. Put in a keyword you want to rank for it, and that’s it. The great thing, WordPress’ SEO environment actually kept up with the ever changing SEO landscape. Simply putting a keyword in a page will not help your SEO at all anymore. This is where WordPress’ SEO shines.

You can leverage structured SEO data, rich SEO snippets, and rich SEO cards as a result. You can also utilize schema markup, which helps search engines navigate your website better – resulting in a better SEO ranking.

You can also utilize amazing SEO plugins such as Yoast and All-In-One SEO. These plugins greatly improve your overall websites ability to be indexed and rank in Google’s search engines.


As for Wix? It has a single tab titled, “SEO”.

Can’t do much with that!

Why WordPress Is Better Than Wix – The Verdict

As you can tell, WordPress is simply a far more superior platform in not only themes, plugins and SEO, but in many more ways as well.

Whenever a client needs a website custom built on a content management system, we always go with what best serves the client’s needs – and in most cases, that’s WordPress.

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