What Makes A Web Design Effective?

Sometimes it’s easy to spot a design that (probably) does a pretty good job at converting normal users into paying customers – however, sometimes it’s not to easy.

Other times, it’s not so easy. I’ve seen websites that are absolutely beautifully designed.. and they have really high bounce rates, low time on site and low conversions. Most times you have to actually look at the analytics to really see how well a website is doing for your business.

Lets go through some points and figure how what makes a web design effective!


The number one thing before you even consider either building a website for your business or re-vamping your current site is the purpose. Are people coming to your website to shop? To book a reservation? Or are they there to simply gather information and figure out whether they want to contact you or not? Each page of your site needs to have a clear and distinct purpose – ultimately education and leading the user to either buy or contact you.

Easy-To-Use Navigation

Constructing your websites top navigation in a user-friendly way is extremely important. If people cannot find what they’re looking for within the first few seconds of visiting your website, they’ll leave. Instantly. You need to make sure people can’t smoothly and efficiently move around your website with ease. It creates a comfortable experience and aids in their decision in doing business with you.


It’s extremely important for your website to be mobile-friendly (in other words, responsive). A responsive website adapts to all different screen sizes – no matter whether you’re on a desktop, laptop, tablet or smart phone, your website will adjust it’s content perfectly to fit all screen sizes. Google will actually penalize your website if your site is not mobile-friendly. Another very important reason to make it so.

Fast Load Times

It’s been shown that users will leave your website if it takes faster than 3 seconds to leave. 3! That’s how impatient people are. It’s very important that your website loads fast. Different technical measures can ensure the fastness of your website – compressing all images and minifying all HTML / CSS / Javascript files (minifying makes your site a lot faster, without getting too technical!).

Grid-Based Layouts

We hate when our apartments or houses are messy, and we love when they’re clean. The exact same principle applies to a website. If a user stumbles upon a disorganized mess of a website, they will not like it and they’ll probably leave. However if you used a grid-based layouts (design based on columns and rows), the content is displayed in easy-to-read patterns. This allows for a clean, organized look and feel, and users will feel much more inclined to browse the rest of your site.

Well there you have it! Giving a website purpose, making it easy-to-use, mobile-friendly with fast load times based on a grid-based layout is a sure-fire way to keep your users coming back to your site.

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