How Much Does It Cost To Build A Website For A Small Business?

So, you run a small operation and you’re wondering how much does it cost to build a website for a small business.

Well, the good news is, we can give you a rough cost based on some parameters that we use to price out our own projects.

The websites we build are perfect for a small business, as they are made high-conversion – turning potential customers into actual customers.

The other news is, it can be pretty difficult to tell you right off the bat – as we do not know the exact goals that your small business.

However, in the article below, we’ll do our best to outline the cost of a website for a small business.

So…How much does it cost to build a website for a small business?

how much does it cost to build a website for a small business

Great question.

This question, along with “need a website built for my business”, “I need a website designer”, and “I need a website for my small business”, can be answered by this clear and concise statement below:

It depends. 

It depends on a lot of factors:

  • What are the goals of the website?
    • Do you want to make money?
    • Do you want to get more customers through your small business website?
    • Do you want to show off what you do?
    • etc
  • What types of functionality are you looking for?
  • Do you need a Content Management System?
  • Do you want an e-commerce website?
  • Are you looking for an informational, brochure-type website?
  • Does the website require the pulling of data from third-party websites or programs?
  • Do you want it to be SEO-optimized?
  • How many pages is your small business website?

A lot of these factors go into the question of, “how much does it cost to build a website for a business”.

“I want a website for my business”

I want a website for my business

This is a statement that a lot of prospective clients tell us. As well as the “need a website built for my business”, “I need a website designer”, and “I need a website for my small business”, questions that we mentioned above.

However it is extremely important that we help you, and you help us figure out exactly what sort of small business website you need.

What exactly is the point for your small business to have a website?

Yes – a small business, especially a local one, needs a web presence. But before we can get to a price, we have to figure out exactly what type of website your small business actually needs.

Before we jump right to the price, lets go over a few important factors in determining what type of website works well for your business.

Creating a website for your small business

creating a website for your small business

There are a couple different types of approaches when it comes to creating a website for your small business.

There’s the free way, and the not-so-free way 🙂

(Or, the custom way as we web designers like to call it).

This will greatly determine how much it costs to build a website for your small business.

First, lets go over the free way – using a website software builder.

Lets go over some of the pros and cons for approaching building your small business website using this method.

Pros for using a website builder for your small business

There are definitely some pros as to why a small business would consider using a website builder.

  1. They’re free. Pretty sweet deal, huh?
  2. They’re quick to setup. You can set up your free website within an hour or so.
  3. They look half decent. Squarespace especially has stepped up their game, in terms of their website design for small businesses.

Cons for your small business using a website builder

Oh boy. Strap in!

Lets go over the longer list of cons as to why using a website builder for your small business may not be such a good idea after-all.

  1. You’re locked in. Yup. If you ever want to use your domain that you purchased with your website builder company to build a custom website, good luck. It’s near impossible to switch off whichever website builder platform you’re on, onto a custom web design company’s hosting solution.
  2. Your website looks like thousands of others. There is literally zero distinction between your website, and the thousands of other websites that have used the same page builder that your small business has used.
  3. You’re paying a monthly fee, for years. Typically, when it comes to a custom solution, you pay a flat fee for your project. However with website builders, you’re locked in paying for years for their platform. You’re essentially renting the website for years at a time, and you don’t actually own any of the code. Which leads us to…
  4. You don’t own any of the code. It belongs to the website builder. You cannot simply just take the website somewhere else. You’re locked into their platform.
  5. There is no custom strategy or intent behind your specific business goals. This is a huge one. This is probably the biggest point on here that we’re going to make. Custom website designs, built by a professional website development firm, come up with a strategy for your design based on your business goals. Website builders don’t.
  6. Poor quality code. The website itself is built on code that is not semantic, drastically bloats the page and slows down page speed, which frustrates users, is not great at all for SEO, which leads us to..
  7. It’s terrible for SEOSearch engine optimization is having your website show up on the first page of Google, for key phrases that your customers are searching you for. Free website builders fail horribly at this, due to bullet #6’s points.
  8. They’re limited to basic functionality. Want a small, brochure site? Perfect. Want the ability to sell easily sell your products online? Or run a forum, or membership area? Want to pull in third party functionality or APIs? Want to do anything custom? Good luck. You can’t.

So as we’re sure you can see, using a website software builder is really only the best option when you do not have a lot of money into a website that is reputable for your business.

Nevertheless, lets go over the best website software builder that you can use to build a website for your small business.

What is the best website software builder?

what is the best software builder

So, lets say that all you can afford right now before you invest in a quality, conversion-focused website is a free website builder.

There are a ton of website builders of available to create a website for your small business, but lets go over some of the ones we’ve seen being used in the past.

  • Wix
  • Squarespace
  • Weebly

If I were to choose one to be the best website software builder, I would probably choose Squarespace.

You can get a decent looking site, you don’t get ads all over your website, and it’s respectably passable in terms of how good a website builder’s design can be.

Cost to build a website for a small business using a website builder:


(This is the actual build of the website. In other words, simply setting it up).

This is minus the fact that your code is locked in, you’re locked in paying a monthly fee for years, your website looks like thousands of others,

Aside from paying the monthly hosting the Squarespace and Wix offer as their business model, the website build itself is completely free.

Lastly, lets go over the second (and, in our opinion, the better of the two) option for building a website for your small business.

The custom way.

Best website designs for small business – the answer? Custom

best website designs for small business

This may be a shock to you, but some of the best website designs for small businesses are not from free website builders.

They usually come from a custom website design.


Simple – custom strategy. Figuring out your actual business goals and creating as strategy and custom design around that.

As professional web designers and web developers, our goal for any small business owner is to get the most bang for their buck. In other words, increase traffic to your website, and convert users into customers.

Squarespace, Wix.. they don’t actually care if your business succeeds online.They just want your $60 / month free to roll into their business.They have your money.

Your success is literally the blood line to the survival of our business. We need your small business just as much as you need us to help you.

That’s why we pour our passion into your business. No matter how big or small it is.

Average cost for custom website design for small business

average cost for website design for small business

So, we’ll say this upfront.

The average cost for a custom website design for a small business may be considered expensive.

The reasons for this is it because it could have one of (or many) of the following functionalities:

  • E-commerce
  • Membership
  • Pulling data from third party API’s
  • Custom SEO optimization
  • A custom website design

And that’s just scratching the surface.

There could be a specific type of functionality that only your business needs, and that could be even further specialization that only a custom website design can provide for a small business.

Keep in mind, the reason why it’s expensive is not only because there’s much more functionality that can make your website that much more powerful than a website builder, it’s also an investment. A custom website design that sells to your market, hits your business targets and is online 24/7, will do a heck of a lot more than what a free website builder can do.

Which, is none of those. Because those items take one thing that a website builder can’t do.

It’s called, strategy.

Sitting down with a real human, and discussing real business goals and real business targets that you want your website to hit.

With a custom website design, you’ll be selling a lot more of a return on your investment than you would instead of using a free website builder.

So in a nut shell, the average cost for a website design for your small business, you will get many times over when creating a custom website that brings in a heck of a lot more money for you than a website builder ever would.

Pros for using a custom website design for your small business

Thankfully, there is a lot more pros in this section opposed to the website builder section.

Lets take a stab at it:

  1. Your website is based around strategy and your business goals. This is something a free website builder cannot do for you. When you sit down with a professional website design company (like us), we will go over exactly why you need a website. Are you trying to sell products? Your services? Bring in more revenue? We can create a detailed sitemap and wireframe based on your needs, which will then translate right into an actual website design that’s aimed to convert your users into paying customers.
  2. Your website will be ready to convert users into paying customers. This is huge. This, really, is the entire point and massive benefit to having a custom website design. Since your custom, small business website design is based around your strategy and business goals, of course there’s a higher chance for users browsing your site to turn into paying customers.
  3. Your website is a custom design. It doesn’t look like anyone elses. The beauty of having a custom design is exactly that – it’s custom. It looks like yours and yours only. People are super impressed by that, and it looks sharp, modern and clean. Win win.
  4. You own the code. That’s right. You want to modify it, or take it somewhere else? Go right ahead. It’s yours. You paid for it.
  5. You can take your website somewhere else. Not happy with the current hosting company you’re with that’s hosting your site? Perfect. Pack it up, take it somewhere else. You have that freedom.
  6. The code is of high quality. Custom websites are built with high quality code. This means they’re less likely to be hacked, and more likely to be secure and work very well responsively on mobile devices.
  7. Amazing for SEO. Two of the biggest factors of ranking your website high in Google searches is the user experience of your website design, as well as the page speed. Since the code quality of your website is much better with a custom website design, and since the design is inherently better, you’re much better off then, logically, with a custom website design for your small business.
  8. Endless functionality. With a custom website development project, you can extend the functionality of your website. Want a store? Great. Want to pull data in from third-party API’s? Lets do it. The options are limitless when it comes to a custom website design for your small business.

The cost to build a custom website design for a small business

The cost to build a custom website design for a small business can range anywhere from $3,500 – $25,000 and more, completely dependent on the specific needs that your website needs to fulfill.

From need a content management system, all the way to enterprise custom software programming, it’s not something that is a one size fits all price point.

Typically, you would need a strategy session from a professional website design company – from there, they will be able to give you an accurate quote.

Small business website examples

small business website examples

Here’s a small business website example for a client we made a website for.

They wanted the ability for customers to..

  • Find them online
  • Navigate their small business website easily
  • View their menu
  • Get people to call them and order
  • Get people in the store

Using this small business website example above, we were able to generate a ton of traffic to there website.

small business website design results

In under 6 months…

  • Going from a web design that was not mobile-friendly and very little traffic, to over 3,500 users visiting their website
  • Over 20,000 total page views
  • Over 5,000 sessions
  • People are staying on the site for over 2.5 minutes, meaning we’re holding their attention which increases the chance of them visiting their establishment in person
  • Only a 23.86% bounce rate, which is extremely low

The statistics after launching this small business website design are pretty great in terms of growth, and brought in a lot of business for them.

Conclusion – How Much It Costs To Build A Website For A Small Business, Completely Depends

If you’re going the way of the website builder, then it’s free to get up and running.

Keep in mind, you’ll still be paying a monthly fee, among other cons to using a “free” website builder.

However, if you’re going the much-advised way of a custom website design, you will be investing thousands.

Keep in mind, those thousands that you’ll be investing, will probably turn into tens of thousands you’ll be making back over the years to come.

So if you need a website built for your small business, then there’s a couple different ways you can go.

The free way, or the professional way. If you need a website designer, and if you need the website to actually be successful and bring in customers for your small business, than you definitely need a professional website designer who knows what they’re doing to help.

Need a website built for your small business?