5 Actionable Ways To Improve Website Conversion Rate 2019

Your website is arguably the most important online touch point for your business. It’s usually one of the first areas wherein people explore you online.

One of the most important key performance indicators of any website, is how effective your website is at converting people into either paying customers, email subscribers, or any other key source of eventual income.

And if if your conversion is low, then your website is doing absolutely nothing for you.

Without further ado, lets get to it.

Improving your website conversion rate in 2019… cut the jargon!

People’s attention spans online are extremely small. You have to get your point across within seconds.. literally. People scan words. They generally, only read long blocks of text if they’re actually interesting in learning more about what is at hand.

Would you rather read a..

  • Bulleted
  • List
  • Like
  • This?

Or a massive wall of text that explains exactly what you are trying to get across on your website?

It’s extremely important to cut the jargon when it comes to having a web designer build your website for you. It’s also very important that said web designer clearly understands your goals and objectives, in order to properly communicate them to your target audience through your website.

Use testimonials or reviews to improve your conversion rate

Testimonials utilize a little something called social proof. Social proof is extremely powerful because it allows clients or customers that you’ve worked with in the past to illustrate how your product or service helped them.

For example, lets say you’re a mortgage broker. There are thousands of people that are in this profession – so what sets you apart?

If we come to your website, and I’m looking for a mortgage broker, you bet that if we see a few glowing reviews about your services that it would definitely tip us in the direction of giving you a call.

One thing that works extremely well, are video reviews. If you have a couple video reviews on your site (short, maybe 30 seconds or so) that tell us how much of a great job you did and how they love their home because of it, this improves your credibility ten fold. Social proof is extremely powerful in improving conversion rates for any website.

Increase your rate of conversion by using “You” – Not “I”

We just finished looking at a few websites in a couple different niches. Actually, we can look at even more and spot the exact same pattern.

A lot of companies boast about how good they are, but they don’t talk about how they can help you.

Lets say I just got in a motor vehicle accident. I’m badly injured, and I want to seek compensation for what’s happened to me. So, I want to go and look for the best personal injury lawyer there is. I go to Google, type in, “personal injury lawyer”, and click on the first result.

They proceed to boast about how many years they’ve been in business. They say how many clients they have helped over the years. They talk about how many cases they’ve won. Blah, blah, blah.

We’ll let you in on a little secret.

No one cares.

“Why don’t they care? They seem to be credible if they’ve been in business for 40 years, have won 400 cases and have helped over 400 clients”.

Because they haven’t said how they can help me.

It would have been a much better, much more rich, and clearly a much more conversion-based experience if you told me how you can help me specifically.

  • “You need help. We’re here for you.”
  • “We understand how hard this is for you. Let us help.”
  • “Let us help you get the justice you deserve.”

See the contrast in terms of how much compassions is laid out in the bullet points? How much more that it speaks to me?

Speak to your audience directly. You will see that once you do this not only on your home page but all across your website, you conversion rates will sky rocket. This happens because you’re establishing a relationship right from the get-go with the your clients / customers. This is huge in terms of making the sale.

Offer something of value upfront to improve website conversion

This is a very powerful thing to do. For us personally, we like to offer a free consultation in terms of how I can help a business. Whether it’s a website re-design, or a search engine optimization project, we always offer our knowledge upfront and give solid tips to clients on how they can improve their web presence.

More often than not, we usually identify pain points that a company is experiencing with their online presence and offer solutions. So maybe company A) has a conversion-focused website in terms of design, but have no traffic going to the sit. And maybe company B) has a ton of traffic going to their site, but none of that traffic is actually turning into any sales.

Offering something of value for free upfront – in this case, a free consultation, goes a long way for getting more business in the door or any company.

Keep lead-capturing form fields to a minimum

No one likes filling out a form that has a ton of different fields you have to fill out. To put it simply, no one has the patience.

If we see a form online, and it requires more than 30 seconds to fill out the information and to submit that information, chances are we will leave and not fill out that form.

One of the most actionable things you can do in order to improve your website conversion rate, is to shorten the amount of fields that your intake forms have. This greatly reduces the amount of time it takes for your users to fill out a form, and therefore greatly increases the amount of conversions that your website will experience over time.

And that’s a wrap! Those are 5 solid ways to improve your website’s conversion rate in 2019.

If you need help with bringing in more business, we can help. Fill out our free consultation form to receive your free consultation and lets help increase your websites conversion rate in 2019.

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