3 Major Reasons Why A Website Needs A Redesign

So let’s say you’re a potential client reading this post and are pondering at the idea of hiring a web designer to redesign your website. Or, maybe you have to convince your stubborn boss, who doesn’t realize that your company needs a redesign done.

Better yet, you’re a fellow web designer / developer looking for reasons to convince a potential client that they need a fresh redesign of their site.

Perfect – you’ve come to the right place. Over my many years of experience, we’ve encountered numerous reasons as to why a company needs their site re-designed.

Without further due, let’s get started.

1. It’s not responsive

We’re sure you’ve been on websites wherein upon landing on the website on your mobile device, you can’t read a thing. Everything’s really tiny (pictures, fonts, etc), and especially if you’re of the older crowd it can be extremely difficult to make out any of the content on the page.

So, what happens when people can’t read a website? AKA, what happens when people hit a website, and can’t get what they’re looking for within seconds?

They leave.

They leave, and they go to your competitor – who has a responsive website. And, they spend money with your competitors – not you.

This is one of the biggest selling points to any potential clients. As of this date, 49% of people on a global scale use their phone to browse online. That is a lot of people. If your website is not responsive (or in other words, not mobile-friendly), you’re not only frustrating people, but you’re also not getting the business.

2. It looks terrible

Now, a website that “looks terrible” can be subjective. Other times, it’s absolutely just… blatantly obvious.

So what exactly makes a website “look terrible”? Here’s just a few components:

  • Bad usability. The number one thing users cherish more than anything else in a website is the ability to find what they’re looking for, quickly and efficiently. That’s why it’s extremely important to lay out your website in a way where your users can find things in a flash.
  • Brand inconsistency. Your brand needs to have the exact same consistency across all marketing materials – be it your website, business cards, and other offline marketing advertisements. Failure to do creates a sense of disconnect in your brand – which reflects negatively to your users as a whole.
  • Zero strategy. Some websites collect leads, some sell products online, some are simply up for brochure sake. However at the end of the day, a website should serve in doing one thing and one thing only – making you money. Growing your business. That’s the entire point of having a website. In order to do this successfully, this requires planning. A “pretty website” won’t do anything for you these days – you have to have a strategy in terms of funneling leads in from your site, directly to you.

3. It’s not optimized for search engines

This is a big one. Like I stated in the point above, the entire bane of a website’s existence is to make a company money. In order to contribute to this, a website needs to be optimized properly for search engines.

Search engines (such as Google) need to be able to do the following:

  • Find your website
  • Index your website into it’s index
  • Rank it properly

Having a beautiful website that strategically pulls in leads is great and all – but if people can’t find it, good luck. With proper on-page SEO (search engine optimization) in place, and with some off-page SEO acting as a helping hand, you should be able to rank decently well. Of course, this all depends on how competitive your industry is.

Having a responsive, strategically-designed-to-make-you-money and SEO’d website is absolutely essentially in order to launch a successful website. Hope you enjoyed the post!

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