3 Things Your Website Needs To Bring In More Revenue

As a web design company, we often get asked what makes a website 'successful'.

The answer is of course mostly subjective. It all depends on what your website does - moreover, what you want your website to achieve.

In the end, most paths point to one thing - to help your business make more money.

The entire point of a website is to help bring in more revenue for you. If it's not doing that, then your website was unfortunately a waste of an investment.

TL;DR - 3 things your website needs to bring in more revenue

  • A modern UX design
  • Fast page load times
  • Thoughtfully catered to your audience

Without further ado, lets go over the 3 things your website needs to bring in more revenue.

A modern UX design

Websites that fail to impress have a clear impact on potential customers.

Let me ask you - ever been to a website that looked sketchy? Or ever been to a site that had random popups, ads, and other annoying features that acted as roadblocks to the area you wanted to go to?

Yeah - that's a bad user experience. And that drives people away.

Making sure that you have a website that not only looks modern and professional, but one that provides a crystal clear responsive (mobile-friendly) navigation through the website - is sure to win over customers.

Fast page load times

I think we can all agree that if we go to a website and it takes more than 3 seconds to load, we get annoyed. And guess what? Most people agree.

Not only is it frustrating, it can be downright embarrassing. Imagine going to a website where after 8-10 seconds you're still waiting for a page to load.

What do you and most other people do?


You have to make sure your website's page loading times are up to snuff. Because if they're not, it just creates another roadblock for your potential customers. The more roadblocks you have on your website's overall experience, the higher chance they'll go somewhere else.

Thoughtfully catered to your audience

So you have a website that has a modern design and is blazingly fast. What's the last and arguably most important piece?


Content is king. It's in the way that you express your business and speak to your audience. If your messaging and content is completely out of touch, you're going to lose people.;

However - if you have content that really does speak to your target audience, they're going to feel that.

The more you can get your potential customers to buy into what you're selling, of course the higher chance they'll buy from you.

Final thoughts

Having a website that has a modern design, coupled with fast page load times and content / messaging that's thoughtfully catered to your audience is undoubtedly a great recipe for success.

And the more success you have in those areas, the higher the chance that'll gain some new revenue through your website.

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